Arisan Shooper Alam Sutera (March 2020)



Arisan Shooper Graha Raya (March 2020)



Arisan Shooper Graha Raya (March 2020)



Arisan Shooper Graha Raya (February2020)



Arisan Shooper Ciputat (February2020)



Shooper Family (February 2020)



Congratulations to all Shooper winners (january 2020)


Parade of Winners For January 2020


Congratulations to bu ade of pondok aren the winner of the samsung galaxy a50s Smartphone (january 2020)



Congratulations to bu Rosa the winner of Shopping vouchers (january 2020)



Congratulations to Shooper winner Ibu Rina of BSD for winning the MAP Shopping Vouchers  (january 2020)


Thank you very much to the Shooper Community, you are all winners! (january 2020)



Shooper is the Sharing Community, Share by uploading supermarket receipts so that others can search for supermarkets with the best prices (january 2020)





Google Play Approved
shooper has received google play approval and now under going further trial (nov 2019)


at our new tech-team office in menara batavia (27 nov 2019)


donny joins shooper tech-team. donny worked as a coder at bni, one of indonesia’s largest bank (27 nov 2019)


Mas kholis joins Shooper (nov 2019)

Kholis (2nd from left) is a graduate of Hactiv8 coding school. He scored 2nd place for the final project where he created a fully functioning app in just days. Kholis will be helping us on the front end UI/UX works.

trying to solve problems over a huge amount of coffee (nov 2019)


so many technical issues to solve  (nov 2019)


Trial of Shooper prototype 1 (2 september 2019)

Shooper Prototype 1 is completed and we are now trialing in the Bintaro Sektor 7 area. The ladies are excited and can’t wait for the full version to launch. During the trial we find many opportunities to improve Shooper


shooper protoype 1 is completed (August 2019)

The proof of concept is completed. Shooper is able to perform all the MVPs, and we have noted many improvements that we need to make.


watch the video




Shooper technical on-boarding (May 2019)

The fast-break gathering we’ve had recently marks the Shooper technical on-boarding. We are super excited to take a step forward on a tremendous journey. Shooper will bring the power of the network effect in a two-sided platform to bring tremendous values to the users.


shooper and Mplus Software signs agreement (may 2019)

We have chosen Mplus Software as our tech partner to further develop Shooper. Mplus has immense tech capabilities and shares many of our values. Mplus is a French-Australian-Indonesia software development company that specializes in mobile-platforms.



pre-seed fund for shooper  (april 2019)

The pre-seed fund will be used to develop the Prototype 1. This AI powered app has the abilities to save you money without coupons, vouchers or prepayments. No cash-backs, no need to redeem anything – just pure low prices. Coming soon to Jakarta.