The Shooper Story


The Ladies of Bintaro Jaya, Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia.


Stay at home Moms in the Bintaro area of South Tangerang, Indonesia have realized for ages that supermarkets charge different prices for the same goods. So, they started a WhatsApp group to share information with everyone by uploading snapshots of supermarket receipts. This is to let everyone knows how much each are paying for different goods, so that everyone knows which stores are cheapest. Very quickly the WAG became too big and cumbersome with very limited functions.

Taking the inspiration from these Moms, we decided to use mobile technology to create an app to give superior price data gatherings, processing and sharing. Now they can browse and search for the lowest prices at over 3,000 physical supermarkets and mini-markets, with over 15,000 different products, right on the palms of their hands.

Called Shooper, it is a community of Moms who upload supermarket receipts on the platform where the detailed data on each receipts are captured, organized, then presented back to all to browse and search for the lowest prices at nearby supermarkets.

Supermarket shopping becomes a lot cheaper by knowing which store is cheaper! During the economic downturn, more households are using Shooper to save money at the supermarket. We’ve grown to more than just a bunch of stay at home Moms. We now cover over 15,000 physical stores where you can compare prices of over 28,000 different products.

The data Shooper captures is very useful to the users. It is a powerful budgeting and household financial tool.  A user will know how much she has spent on the different product categories such as food, cleaning, facial, body and more. Drill down further and get the details of what you’ve spent on fresh veggies, poultry, snacks etc. Are you buying healthy food or too much snacks? Too much sugar? Use Shooper to stick to your budget and stick to your diet.

Shooper has many other uses solving many problems households face. Watch the video by clicking here.


Shooper is developed PT Saravon Indo Aplikasi, Jakarta, Indonesia.